A Normal Family (2023)

A Normal Family (2023)

Other name: 보통의 가족 더 디너 晚餐 Deo Dineo Botongui Gajog The Dinner Una Familia Normal


Successful attorney Jae Wan takes on the case of a wealthy executive's son who intentionally ran over and murdered a man and gravely injured his daughter. To defend a killer is part of Jae Wan's profession, another rung on the ladder of his career. On the other hand, his younger brother is a devout and honorable pediatrician who consistently prioritizes the health of his patients before personal gain and profit, frequently breaking the regulations of the private clinic where he works. When an unexpected circumstance involving their teenage children emerges, the brothers' consciences are tested, and their regularly scheduled dinner talk takes an unexpected turn.

(Source: IMDb)

Adapted from the novel "The Dinner" by Herman Koch.

Director: Heo Jin Ho [허진호]

Country: Korean

Status: Upcoming

Released: 2023

Genre: Drama; Investigation; Mystery; Novel;

Airs: Sep 14, 2023

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