A Waiting Bride

A Waiting Bride

Other name: นางสาวไม่จำกัดนามสกุล Nang Sao Mai Jam Kad Nam Sakul Miss Unlimited Surname


Riam is a beautiful woman who's always been unlucky in love. After three failed relationships, she vows that love and marriage is bogus. One drunken night, she stumbles back to her apartment but mistakenly goes into her new neighbor’s apartment instead, Ongsa. He is her childhood classmate that she teased relentless because he was pimply faced and refused to help her cheat on tests. Ongsa, many years later, is an established chef who has clear skin and no glasses. Though Riam doesn’t recognize him immediately, Ongsa knows which pretty face he’s staring at.

The next day, Riam collapses during a work meeting because of Chocolate Cyst, which is an ovarian endometrioma, a fluid filled cyst that forms in her ovaries. The doctor relents that there are two prognoses. The first one is to have surgery, but there’s a chance that it may return. The second option is to have a baby. Pregnancy lowers the risk. At first Riam doesn’t think her condition would likely escalate, but cancer is hereditary in her family, which makes her diagnosis even more grim. So Riam decides she shall go husband hunting and kick potential cancer to the curb.

Country: Thailand

Status: Ongoing

Released: 2018

Genre: Comedy; Drama; Romance;

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