A Different Kind of Pretty Man (2014)

A Different Kind of Pretty Man (2014)

Other name: 不一样的美男子 一起再看流星雨 流星雨3 Liu Xing Yu 3 Bu Yi Yang De Mei Nan Zi Meteor Shower 3


Gao Yuan Shu was proposing to his girlfriend, Yu Chen, lavishly when a boat crashed into them and caused a horrific accident. Something pierced into Yuan Shu’s heart, Yi Fei injured his eyes, and Xiao Qian is badly burnt. All 3 of them get a transplant each: heart, eye, skin from a scientist that uses his own body to experiment on a drug that produces superpower but also negative side effects. The 3 good friends are thus gifted with three different superpowers that change their life. Gao Yuan Shu and Li Yi can control electromagnetism, An Yi Fei can predict the future, and He Xiao Qian can read other people’s thoughts. Ye Jiang Fan gained the ability of regenerative healing. And their superpowers can only be recharged by Tong Yu Chen.

Original Network: Hunan TV;

Director: Ting Yang Kuo [丁仰國] and Wang Xue Jing [王雪静]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2014

Genre: Comedy; Drama; Family; Romance; Youth;

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