3 Cheong Grandma

3 Cheong Grandma

Other name: 삼청동 외할머니 Samcheong Neighborhood Grandma's Restaurant in Samcheongdong Grandma's Restaurant in Samcheong dong


However old you are, the most delicious food in your memory would be the homemade dish your grandmother cook when you were a kid. Samchungdong Grandmas features the simplest and the most delicious meals in the world, the homemade food by grandmas. Six ladies from around the world open a restaurant at Seoul to serve their own homemade food. Five celebrities including Eric Nam and Andy helps the ladies to run the restaurant and hear the touching stories from them. The heartwarming friendship between six ladies during the visit also gives you the joy to watch. With good food and bigger heart, the show will make you happy with memories and unconditional love.

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2018

Genre: Variety;

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