Hot Blood (2021)

Hot Blood (2021)

Other name: 핫 블러드 Hat Beulreodeu The Hot-Blooded


At some point, they dreamed of becoming a part of the national taekwondo team, but now, they have surrendered to reality. There were three friends, Hoon Ih, Seong Ho, and Taeyeong.

Their friendship was immersed in happy memories for a while, hearing the news that Taeyeong, the only one of them who remained in Seoul to dream of becoming a champion, will finally return home after a long time.

For a while, there was a news of a huge redevelopment of their neighborhood circulating in their village, and the three friends are caught up in a huge incident that will change their lives.

Director: Shin Jae Myeong [신재명]

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2021

Genre: Drama;

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